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Statistics to date - Updated: 03 Jul 2013 - 15:57 pst
Committed Individuals: 234
Committed Quantity: 244 - 5x996, 239x997
Split Cost (If only 244 Units) $ 614.75
Goal (Commit and Price) 250 Orders at $600
Progress (Commit / To Go)
A thread on 6SpeedOnline has been established to determine the commitment level for 996 wide-body LEDs.

No manufacturer to date has taken on the challenge of producing modern LEDs rear tailights for the 996 WB.

The list on the left shows the User Names of the individuals who have commited to purchasing a set of lights at $600 per pair. The light to be produced will be 997 style as shown below or the 996 style if the majority votes for it.

The manufacturer needs 250 orders at $600 per pair in order to consider the project viable for development of the mold.

UPDATE - 10 November 2012

The manufacturer has agreed to develop the LEDs. They are completing some other models first, but expect to have our lights in production early in 2013.

Your demonstration of commitment has made this possible!

Please keep sending me your desire to be added to the list to keep the interest going until these lights are delivered.